It is all here, in one place and at your fingertips:  All US and Canada public campgrounds, with accurate lat/lon for your GPS or smart phone, campground amenities, phone numbers and web links for both the campground itself and it's reservation system. Includes all National Park, National Forest, State Park and Provincial campgrounds, all BLM, TVA and Army engineers and military-only campgrounds. Most regional, county, city and utility-owned are also included.

We include only car-accessible, family campgrounds with 4 or more campsites - whose existence and location we can verify.  We want to be sure you find an actual family campground when you drive there.  (no backpack-in,  boat-in, horse camps or group-only camps).   Some selected dispersed (boondocks - no facilities) are included and identified as such.  We tell you if you need to take a ferry or if a short walk to the sites is required. We do not include privately owned campgrounds.


These data come from many sources - most directly from governmental agencies, many from public GPS-POI files.  We have found that there are many errors in the even the best available coordinate data (even directly from governmental sources).  Therefore, we verify the location of every campground by electronically projecting each campground onto a topo map and looking for indications of a campground at that location. We do not list campgrounds we cannot verify.

Our coordinates should always put you on the right road and take you to within 1/5 mile of the campground.  From there you may need to rely on signs or other information to find the campground entrance. 


Sometimes a campgrounds we list may not be open for one reason or another (especially early or late in the season) or suitable for your vehicle.  Be sure to use our phone numbers or web links to get all the info you need about individual campgrounds before you go.  For up-to-the-minute info, dial the phone number(s) we list.

If you don't have a phone number but know the park name and a town nearby, try dialing 800-free-411 (a  free directory service, you will need to listen to some advertising to get the number).   This would only work with developed campgrounds that have an office on site, e.g., a State Park, but usually not a National Forest or BLM campground.  If  you do call a NF or  BLM number, it is probably a general office and, while they will usually be very helpful,  you had better call before 4:30 PM.